COPTERCAM is Australia's leading UAV drone aerial imaging company. COPTERCAM Aerial Camera Systems are our custom built UAV drones used to collect the highest quality aerial images.
What sort of cameras are used by COPTERCAM?
COPTERCAM aircraft can be customised to carry a range of cameras including thermal imagery,FLIR, digital SLRs, Digital Video cameras. For aerial photography operations, the COPTERCAM Aerial Camera System are fitted with a Sony NEX-7/ Canon 5D3 dSLR. For aerial video operations, COPTERCAM Aerial Camera System can be fitted with a gyro stabilised Sony NXCAM NX30, Panasonic GH3 or Sony NEX-7 digital SLR, providing Full HD video at 1080p 50fps. For cinematography the heavy lift aircraft can carry a Black Magic Cinema Camera or Canon 5D3. For aerial surveillance, mapping and surveying options, the COPTERCAM Aerial Surveillance System can be fitted with FLIR, 10x zoom CCD, or ground image capture camera.
What can a COPTERCAM be used for?
The possibilities with COPTERCAM are limitless. The COPTERCAM Aerial Camera System does a great job taking high resolution aerial photos for real estate and commercial property. It has the same benefits as helicopter photography, however costs a lot less and can get a lot closer to the action. The COPTERCAM Aerial Surveillance System does a great job providing aerial image capture for mapping, surveying and surveillance operations.
I’m a photographer/camera operator, can I hire COPTERCAM without the pilot?
No, as it is a legal requirement that UAVs be operated under an Operator Certificate and pilot are licenced. COPTERCAM is a UAV Operator Certificate holder, you may hire COPTERCAM.
How high can COPTERCAM fly?
Up to 400ft in controlled airspace, and with advanced notice 1500ft outside controlled airspace subject to operating area approval being provided by CASA (additional charges).
How far can COPTERCAM fly?
The radio control link is good for up to 1.5km on our rotary wing aircraft, however for photo/video work COPTERCAM stays close by. Our fixed wing aircraft have a radio link range of 3km.
How long can COPTERCAM fly for?
Depending on the aircraft the maximum endurance is 45 mins, however many factors including weather, flight plan, and payload affect the flight time. Typically COPTERCAM Aerial Camera System will fly for 10-15 minutes whereas the COPTERCAM Aerial Surveillance System will fly for 30-45 minutes. Battery changes take less than 1 min.
How much does COPTERCAM weigh?
The COPTERCAM Aerial Camera System weighs approximately 2.4kg and can carry a payload up to 1.5kg. The COPTERCAM Aerial Surveillance System weights approximately 2kg with a maximum payload of 1.5kg.
What is COPTERCAM located and what areas do your service?
Whilst others claim to be able to services interstate captials, COPTERCAM have offices and aircraft in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane. We provide aerial camera services within the metro area, regional and remote Australia. With advanced notice we are also able to provide services in most capital cities in Australia and worldwide.
Why doesn’t COPTERCAM have more photos and information about the aircraft systems used?
COPTERCAM is solely focused on delivering the end results for our clients. We’d rather you see the wonderful results that our clients have achieved with our help. We have a fleet over over 12 UAVs in 4 different categories, we could talk about them all day long.
What are COPTERCAM's standard terms and conditions
Our standard terms and conditions can be downloaded from here.