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COPTERCAM is Australia’s leading fully licensed commercial UAV aerial photography and video specialists.

Utilising the latest technology and most sophisticated aircraft & camera systems we deliver the highest quality and best value UAV services available in Australia.

Our specially designed aircraft operate at low noise levels and are capable of flying at altitudes up to 121 metres (400 feet). Unlike traditional helicopters or fixed wing aircraft we are able to get within 5 metres of the action. Coupled with our specially designed still camera and video camera systems we are capable of capturing the highest resolution still and motion video images to meet all your aerial photography  and  cinematography needs.[whohit]home[/whohit]

Awesome footage from great pilots around Australia - these guys are my main goto company for aerial work.

John Colebrook, CEO of Pixelcase

Using drones to capture aerial and elevated photos for real estate and commercial properties is a very attractive alternative to pole camera or helicopter photos

Frank Spano, MD of Aperture 22 Photography